Interior Design
Stories told. Line by line.

Like a great book, interior spaces should hook you from the very beginning and make you want more with every turn. With lines that shape the experience, finishes and furniture that express the personality of the space, and layered details that unfold with each encounter, we design fully imagined concepts for multifamily, mixed-use, and beyond.

Organic Modernism: Designing Peace Apartments' SpacesGame room with shuffleboard featured and lounge area in the background
Lit fire place in marble wall behind coffee table with Tom Ford book

We craft unique designs that are thoughtfully and expertly imagined at every step — from visioning to documentation to furniture installation.

The experience of our team ultimately shapes the experience of the end user. Our extensive portfolio, dynamic understanding of buyer trends, and local market knowledge help guide our clients to aesthetic and commercial success. 

We’re creative and we’re disciplined. It’s one thing to design a great space. It’s another to know the real cost and how to build it.

Jim Compton, AIA, LEED AP

Interior Architecture + Design Director

Services — The Cline Interior Design team has the vision and breadth of services to see your interiors project through every step of the process, including some capabilities you might not expect. We bring conceptual thinking, local inspiration, and strong collaboration with the architectural team to every project.

Project Vision & Programming

Assessing needs, anticipating challenges, and imagining opportunities to create a concept that’s as idealistic as it is realistic.

Space Planning

Flow and function optimized for the intended purpose and the first impression of everyone who visits.


An immersive look at the future space and a chance to fine-tune the elements within it before construction, utilizing 3D modeling tools and renderings.

Fixture & Material Selection

Selecting and sourcing the materials that make the space and set the stage.


Exceptionally detailed drawings and notations so you have clarity on cost and confidence during construction.

Construction Administration

Meticulous oversight to safeguard your vision and ensure the concept you approve becomes a reality in the field.

Furniture Selection & Procurement

The capability to not only select but source, warehouse, and install furniture for your property.

Art & Accessory Curation

All the final touches that create the vibe and pull the concept through with the finest level of detail.

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