Housing Trends for Tomorrow’s University Scholars

As the Experts at Designing the Experience of Living Well, Cline Design is committed to crafting living spaces that resonate with its end user. Our esteemed team for student housing design, Carl Winstead, AIA and Logan Luzader, AIA, know what resonates with the rhythm of student life. With various student housing projects under their belt, their commitment to continuous learning, and a deep understanding of the current market, they offer five trends you can expect to see in upcoming projects set to reshape the student housing realm. These insights are building blocks that ensure every project we undertake isn’t just about building spaces; it’s about creating environments where students don’t just live – they thrive.

So, what can you expect to see in 2024?

1. Redefining Amenities – Prioritizing Wellness Over Wow

We’re seeing a paradigm shift in the student housing landscape. It’s less about dazzling with high-end amenities and more about crafting spaces that nurture mental health and wellbeing. Think less opulence, more oasis. This approach champions holistic living environments with wellness-focused design.

Alpha Delta Pi at North Carolina State University

2. Hospitality Meets Housing

Imagine treating students not just as residents but as esteemed guests in a boutique hotel. This concept is gaining ground, where personalized service meets living spaces. It’s about creating a sense of belonging, blending the principles of hospitality design with the functional needs of student housing.

3. Revitalizing the Old – A Canvas for New

With a significant portion of student housing developments crossing the 50-year mark, the doors are open for innovative overhauls. Think adaptive reuse meets sustainability – a chance to write the next chapter in student housing design.

Peer on 7th Student Housing in Columbus, Ohio

4. Compact Living, Maximized Potential

The evolution in student residential design is all about efficiency and flexibility in smaller footprints. It’s an exercise in spatial ingenuity, optimizing every square inch for functionality and comfort. This allows for architectural creativity to shine, transforming limited spaces into dynamic, multi-functional havens.

5. Innovative Furniture Solutions

Student housing is typically characterized by limited space. Innovative furniture solutions, like multi-functional pieces (e.g., beds with built-in storage or desks that transform into dining tables), allow students to maximize every square inch of their space – from sleeping and studying to socializing. Innovative furniture solutions offer the flexibility to adapt spaces for various uses quickly and easily.

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