Sweetwater Town Center


The Kalikow Group & Experiences One Homes


Architecture, Landscape Architecture

Project Size

230 units

60,000 sf retail

Completion Date

2024 (est.)

Construction Type

Type III-A over Type-I


Blending of Nature & Community Vitality.

Apex, NC

In the heart of Apex, North Carolina, a vision was set forth to cultivate a place that would mirror the town’s dynamic spirit and serve as a cornerstone for its burgeoning growth. The Sweetwater Town Center was conceived not merely as a development but as an extension of the community’s pulse. The initial phase involved understanding the site’s natural attributes and the community’s needs. The design aimed to integrate retail, office, and residential spaces within the natural landscape, ensuring functionality and aesthetic appeal. The team focused on creating a development that would serve as a community focal point while respecting the local ecology.

Cline’s approach was to create a harmonious integration of built and natural environments, preserving as much of the existing landscape as possible, while incorporating green spaces and using native plants to enhance biodiversity. The design was driven by the goal of creating a sustainable and inviting space for both residents and visitors. The master plan includes a Harris Teeter supermarket anchoring the development, providing a practical and essential service to the area, as well as the Sweetwater Town Commons as the centerpiece, offering a mix of uses to activate the space throughout the day and into the evening.

Designing the Sweetwater Town Center involved navigating through various challenges such as topographical constraints, zoning regulations, and the need to maintain a balance between commercial viability and public amenity. Despite these hurdles, the project evolved to meet these demands while also creating a sense of place for Apex residents.