The Easley


DPJ Residential


Architecture, Interiors, Planning

Project Size

271 units
9,500 sf amenities

Completion Date


Construction Type

Type-V wrapper


Urban Elegance & Historic Charm.

Winston-Salem, NC

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Winston-Salem, The Easley is not just an apartment community; it’s a celebration of urban living. It’s a fusuion of historic elegance and modern functionality. Each design element tells a story, intertwining modern luxury with the rich cultural tapestry of the neighborhood. The spacious interiors echo the lively streets outside, where art, music, and history blend seamlessly.

Stylish, inviting, & intriguing

Emphasizing open-concept layouts, the apartments blend sleek, contemporary interiors with traditional architectural elements. The design showcases an innovative use of space, with high ceilings and large windows inviting natural light. The interior palette is a sophisticated mix of neutral tones and natural materials, creating a serene yet stylish ambiance. This architectural gem honors its historic roots while offering a modern living experience.

A nod to history

Echoes of Winston-Salem’s industrial legacy are apparent in the clubhouse’s use of exposed brickwork, rich brown tones, and black metal details. In contrast, the co-working space brings a modern edge with its clear glass dividers and spherical light fixtures. The black and white motifs throughout the clubhouse provide a timeless elegance, reminiscent of the city’s bygone era.

An immersive journey for the soul

The Easley’s location near Bailey Park, Truist Stadium, and a plethora of dining and entertainment options enriches the living experience, offering residents an immersive journey through the soul of Winston-Salem.

Due to a large footprint on a smaller scale, urban site, we choose a simple ‘parti’ to visually break down the large building. Brick detailing, rhythmic patterns and a retro blade sign alludes to Winston Salem’s art deco past.

Caroline Hill, RA, NCARB, LEED GA