The Dowd


Park Commercial Real Estate



Project Size

8,400 sf

Completion Date

Concepts 2022

Construction Type

Adaptive Reuse


Urban Office Reborn.

Charlotte, NC

In the heart of Charlotte, nestled on the vibrant corner of 120 W. Bland Street, stands the Dowd Building, a structure steeped in history and charm. Erected in 1912, this grand edifice has witnessed the ebb and flow of times, standing as a silent testament to the ever-changing cityscape. The Dowd began a new chapter in its storied life when it underwent a remarkable transformation. No longer content to be a relic of the past, it embraced the future with an extensive exterior upfit.

Modern & timeless.

The Dowd Building’s facade was thoughtfully revitalized, now exuding an allure that was both modern and timeless. The new frontage is a masterful blend of classic elegance and contemporary design. Eye-catching signage now adorns its front, speaking not just the building’s name but also its newfound vibrancy.

Resurrecting the buzz.

Perhaps the most enchanting addition is the inviting outdoor patios now filled with the gentle murmur of conversations and the clink of coffee cups.

Magnetic design.

Once a dated structure, The Dowd is now a magnet for innovators and creators, a cornerstone in the city’s tapestry.