ASLA 2022: San Francisco’s Inspiring Landscape Architecture Trends and Insights

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2022 conference was held in San Francisco in November, and Cline Design’s Planning Director and Landscape Architect, Josh Karrick, PLA, ASLA, AICP traveled to The Golden City for 4-days of themed tours and informational sessions geared towards “Designing a Better Future.”

Josh gives a quick recap on trends, takeaways, and “wow factors” that got him excited for the future of our projects’ landscape architecture displays, and for our cities’ future toward more sustainable, eye-catching, and inviting spaces.

What were some highlights of the conference?

“I had a great time learning how art, history, water, fire, and war have all played a part in defining San Francisco’s unique infrastructure throughout its history. I got a chance to tour affordable housing multi-family projects, and they all did a wonderful job creating meaningful, lush, activated, and accessible spaces using contemporary designs and playing off the strong architecture of their buildings. San Francisco also has an abundance of rooftop spaces with city views that I thought were an amazing context to work with. Green infrastructure is also something heavily utilized throughout the city, and it got me thinking “How can we better incorporate green stormwater technologies into our projects?” I strongly believe San Francisco is an amazing example of how America’s National Parks and large corporations are investing their time into creating incredible spaces – it surely is hard to recreate the balance they have accomplished in other cities, but I’m confident we can.”

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